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Alicia L- Student Profile

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More About Alicia L

ADHD and Executive Function Coach

Hey!  I’m Alicia and if you would enjoy working with someone laid back, but also willing to step in to help you be accountable, then I think we would be a great match!  My one true love and if I had a ton of money and time is traveling.  I’ve lived in Okinawa, Japan and England.  I’ve traveled to China, Japan, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, England, Germany, Belgium, France, and Italy!  Stateside: I’ve lived in Indiana, Colorado, Nebraska and Virginia and traveled to many different states. I’ve traveled to over 13 countries and can’t wait to explore more.  I really love all sports…from watching them to playing them.  My daughter is slowly getting me into the car world as she loves muscle cars!

 In High School I played varsity volleyball, basketball and track.  I’ve also coached volleyball. My son was diagnosed with Tourette’s so I’ve learned a lot through that journey. He is my hero as he wakes up everyday and takes on the world not knowing how the world is going to accept him.  I also adopted my daughter from Kyrgyzstan when she was 9 months old…she is now 18 and makes me think outside of my box everyday because she is so unlike me…she’s made me a better person.

 I feel my best qualities as a coach are being able to relate and understand where the students are coming from.  I have dyslexia so I understand the struggles school can bring.  My goal is to help the student be the best they can and to be okay with where they are.  We’re all growing and learning. I believe my greatest passion is seeing others succeed and pass boundaries that they set for themselves.  I love it when someone walks away saying, “I did that!  I didn’t think I could ever do that!”  We are capable of doing far more than we can ever imagine.  

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