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Angela Thrivister Academic Coach


Angela Thrivister Academic Coach

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ADHD and Executive Function Coach

Angela discovered her love for education in Pre-K—she still has a picture of herself dressed up as a teacher on Career Day! With 11 years of experience in education and counseling, Angela has been working as a certified teacher for four years. She believes learning should be fun and that students should be autonomous so they can express their knowledge creatively. Angela has worked with many students with ADHD and also has family members with ADHD.

When she’s not working, Angela loves to go to Six Flags with her husband and daughter. She also enjoys writing, watching movies, reading, listening to music, designing shirts & bags, and cooking.

“I am excited to make connections and learn the things in and outside of school that bring you joy. I am also excited to get to know you and help you reach your dreams and goals in life. Are you a bit unsure of your dreams and goals? No problem, I can help you discover them!”

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