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Author: Tracy Habig

Sacramento Country Day School

A beautiful, expansive campus specifically developed to serve Pre-K through 12th grade students across our Lower, Middle, and High School. Small class sizes and a dynamic learning environment offer our students opportunities to discover and joyfully pursue their unique strengths.


Meristem is a unique program dedicated to preparing neurodiverse young adults for a life of greater independence and fulfillment. We are located near Sacramento, California, on a 13-acre campus in Fair Oaks. Meristem students are young adults, between the ages of 18-28, who show the potential to achieve greater independence and self-sufficiency upon graduation. They often have aspirations for career and/or college, and are willing to discover and work towards their passions and goals. Space is currently available to live on-campus and gain independent living and social skills while attending our day program or pursuing college or employment goals. Ask about scholarships opportunities for families eligible for financial assistance.

Susie Valencia: Valencia Educational Consulting

I am a Certified Educational Planner (American Institute of Certified Educational Planners) based in Southern California. I have worked with students and families in one capacity or another for my entire career. Before becoming an Independent Educational Consultant, I served as a high school-based College Counselor in Temecula, CA.

Fusion Academy Denver

Fusion Denver offers a customized mix of one-to-one instruction, asynchronous digital learning, and group project-based experiences. Our agile learning model flexes to the needs of your student. They are also paired with a Success Coach to mentor and guide their Fusion journey. As a result of this personalized experience, students are prepared academically, socially, and emotionally for their future. Students who thrive in our Flex Learning Model are self-driven learners, are currently learning at or above their grade level, and enjoy a balance of independent and group work. In-person, online, and hybrid options are available to create your student’s optimal learning environment.

Fusion Academy Los Gatos

Back to Partners Fusion Academy Los Gatos, CA Amy Baur, Head of School Fusion Los Gatos offers a customized mix of one-to-one instruction, asynchronous digital

Fusion Academy Seattle

Every student is so different. But traditional schools treat them all the same. Fusion Academy’s 1-to-1 classes put your student at the center of their learning experience. They’ll develop the confidence and independence required for college and career success – all to ensure they reach their limitless potential.

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