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The Thrivister Coaching Method and Program

The Thrivister Coaching Method was created 13 years ago by Co-Founder Michelle Raz, M.Ed., BCC, CSS. Michelle is a Board Certified Coach with ICF and ADHD certificates. She also has her Masters in Higher Education. Michelle has a passion for supporting students with Executive Function Challenges. It all started when two of her three children were diagnosed with ADHD. Michelle started her ADHD and EFS Academic Coaching practice in 2010. It was so successful that she couldn’t meet the demand on her own. This is when Thrivister was born. It is our goal to reach and support every student that needs this life changing program.


Working for Thrivister vs being a private coach

As a Thrivister coach, you don’t have to set up or pay for your own practice, insurance, marketing, technology, or specialized professional training. We do all of that for you. We fill your client load and handle all student onboarding, parent sign up conversations and platform management. This works really great for coaches that want to focus on their students and enjoy the support, protection and ongoing education that working with Thrivister brings.


Our coaches all go through an initial training and mentorship program to equip them with all the skills they need to be a successful coach.

Academic Coaching
Coaching is different than teaching

Teaching experience can be a great asset when you’re helping your student with their academics. Many of our coaches were teachers too. 

However, coaching is not the same as teaching. As a coach, you won’t be teaching a subject. You will be helping a student develop and practice new habits and skills. Over time, this accountability and support will help students gain more confidence, set bigger goals, and get better at self-regulating. As a teacher you have a set curriculum, as a coach your program will be customized to each student you have. There is no pass or fail in coaching. The goal is progress. While there are natural consequences to missing work or failing a test, it is not our job as a student’s coach to grade or shame them for a result. 

It is your job to help them realign with their goals, and their action plan to move forward. When they’re stuck you’ll help them plan, problem-solve and stay accountable. Sometimes, a win will simply be showing up to a session instead of avoiding you after a disappointing grade. Progress is rarely linear and sticking with your student through the ups and downs of modifying their behaviors and habits will lead to bigger wins and an authentic connection.
Thrivister Coaches and Team

As a Thrivister Academic Coach

You will focus on supporting your student's EFS

EFS stands for executive function skills. Students with ADHD often struggle most in this area which is why so many of our students are diagnosed with it. We all use executive function skills to set and work towards goals. We also use these skills to plan, prioritize, remember things, manage time and possessions, and finish what we start. 

We think setting expectations is crucial for success. Please read the points below and see if they fit your personal and career goals before applying!
  • We love to involve our coaches in our marketing! We will compensate you to get involved and contribute via video, photo and sharing your success stories
  • We may be virtual but we are still a team! Thrivister coaches have monthly meetings, assigned mentors and ongoing training
  • You make your schedule. You will work directly with each student to schedule sessions. It’s common, once you find a schedule that works for each student, that you will stick with it.
  • You must be comfortable with technology. Tools we use often are google drive, google sheets, Gmail, and our communication app and platform. 
  • You need to be comfortable on camera. During video sessions, we ask that coaches always keep their cameras on. This means your computer must be equipped with a working camera. 
  • You must have stable internet.
  • You must be highly organized. 
  • We are looking for full-time coaches. Thrivister is not a side hustle. Our students deserve a committed coach that is invested in them. Anything less than that could impede a student’s probability of progress and success. 
  • We incentivize our coaches to stay a minimum of one semester with their students. Leaving your student in the middle of the semester can interrupt the progress they are making. We really want our coaches to be empathetic and understanding of this fact. This also means that we strongly discourage coaches from taking vacations in the middle of crucial academic events, like finals weeks for example.

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