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Executive function skills are necessary for school and studying


Individualized Coaching Plans for Students in High School, College, or Planning to Re-enroll Call (866) 442-0995 for details or questions The Succeed Plan A coaching

Thrivister Academic Coach Kenzie

Kenzie – Student Profile

More About Kenzie adhd and executive function Coach Hi, I’m Kenzie! I love hearing about what drives and inspires you to new thresholds. I love

Setting boundaries for student success

Parent Expectations

Thrivister Parent Expectations Agreement Complete onboarding forms If your student has a 504 accommodation plan or other pertinent testing results to share with the mentor,

Chuck G- Student Profile

More About Chuck G. ADHD and Executive Function Coach Hi! My name is Chuck! I love coaching because it matters to me to see people

Lindsay H.- Student Profile

More About Lindsay H. ADHD and Executive Function Coach Hi there, I’m Lindsay! I am a quirky, fun person who loves nerdy science puns! Coaching

Kendall R.- Student Profile

More About Kendall R. ADHD and Executive Function Coach Hi, I’m Kendall! I love to celebrate your wins and be there for you when things