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Category: Mental Health

Dr. Brennan Whitley: Spring Psychology

Dr. Whitley is the founder of Spring Psychology. She is a licensed psychologist who specializes in neuropsychological assessment with children, teens, and adults. She has over eight years of assessment experience with neurodiverse individuals who have learning differences (dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia), ADHD, and/or Autism. She also specializes in working with Gifted and Twice-Exceptional individuals (i.e. Gifted plus a learning, attention, social, or emotional difference).

The Davis Group

When teens are struggling, it’s common for them to withdraw and distance themselves from parents and siblings. Their academic performance may deteriorate and social events may no longer interest them.

David Pomeroy: Targeting ADHD, LLC​

In 2005 I decided to specialize in the field of ADHD and started my private medical practice to do that. I have evaluated and treated over 3,000 patients with ADHD since 2005, given talks about ADHD to lay and professional groups, started podcasting in 2016, and now I’m transitioning to podcasting and blogging as my “specialty”.