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Meet the Thrivister Team

Thrivister and our team of virtual coaches bring expert guidance and online coaching to your student, anytime, anywhere. Each student is paired with a dedicated coach who identify’s areas that need more focus or improvement, along with attainable steps and an action plan to help them reach their goals and easily measure their success.

We Understand

Our Founders were in your shoes

Thrivister was founded by parents who understand the pain of watching their kids struggle with executive function weaknesses. It’s heart wrenching to watch your child shut down from overwhelm, mental chaos and repeated failure. 

We’ve coached hundreds of students resulting in countless success stories.
Every kids deserves to feel heard, understood and supported to achieve success in school and life!

Michelle Raz | Co-Founder


As co-founder of Thrivister, my purpose and passion is to help young adults thrive with executive function challenges: manage, organize and be successful in their academics, careers and life. My journey as an ADHD coach, career service specialist, author, blogger, podcaster and board-certified coach has laid the foundation for our platform.
I first came to ADHD academic coaching as a parent seeking help for my own child in 2009. At that time, there were minimal resources available. After many hours scouring the internet, I found a community of people dedicated to helping students with ADHD using the coaching concept. As an educator with a graduate degree in curriculum development, it intrigued me. I quickly saw the value to integrate coaching for executive function challenges as a great way to support my student at home and bridge academic school demands. I hired an ADHD coach to collaborate and work with our family.
This positive experience motivated me to become trained for life coaching, ADHD coaching, and career coaching. I began working with clients to develop strategies, tools and skills to work through their executive function challenges. It was a natural progression to move from academic to life and career coaching as my clientele began to move through milestones in their lives. This inspired me to combine my experience and earn a Board-Certified Coach certification. Along my life-path, I have found myself involved in many ways to help spread the knowledge of how coaching can help people who struggle with ADHD through articles, blogs, podcasts, webinars and more. As part of our Thrivister community, I will continue to educate, collaborate and share this knowledge with you.
It is said that ADHD is a chronic disorder that needs to be managed and co-founder, Sonja, and I believe Thrivister is a part of that solution. We believe opportunities are plentiful for someone with executive function challenges when they have the support and resources behind them. It is our mission through Thrivister to help as many people as possible be successful in their lives.
Our synergy created as former concerned parents will benefit you immensely in your own journey to cope and manage executive function challenges in your family. We look forward to partnering with you in this journey!

SOnja Merritt | Co-Founder


I discovered a disappointing void in support while raising my own ADHD-Inattentive type child, especially in the academic setting. This led me on my own journey towards academic coaching as a way to salvage my son’s high school graduation and emotional health. This coaching solution provided the support and tools he needed to successfully graduate and move on to a career he loves.
Out of my own personal pain and with the knowledge that so many high school and college students suffer from executive function challenges or ADHD like my son, I knew that I could help…
My professional career began as a business owner at the age of 26, with the simple idea to provide services in an under-served niche market. The strategy proved successful and, as CEO, grew this business into a multi-million dollar business. Today I remain CEO of a specialized title agency and actively consult for young companies in various service industries. And on this thought, it occurred to me I was uniquely qualified to take this on.
Fueled by the passion to meet the needs of under-served struggling students, I knew that the single coach model couldn’t adequately meet the demand. So, Thrivister was born out of the original academic coaching plan together with our original coach, Michelle (Co-Founder). Most importantly, our mission is to preserve our most important asset, our children. Their fragile confidence, emotional health and self-worth is at risk for long lasting negative impacts when they can’t succeed at this stage.
I am not a coach, but an advocate for anyone who finds academics challenging, by their own definition. I am busy behind the scenes, using my skills and experience helping the Thrivister platform reach and serve the students that are not thriving with traditional methods in the academic setting. Together, through Thrivister, Michelle and I want to offer the support we struggled to find for ourselves and our young adults.

Our Team

Our team of coaches and industry experts will help you thrive