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Coaching away anger, frustration and lack of motivation

Jake’s struggle with ADHD was impacting his school work and family relationships. Find out how coaching helped him achieve success.

Coaching away anger, frustration and lack of motivation

Jake was a great athlete and capable student handling a rigorous schedule but was missing the motivation to complete his work. His lack of focus and organization was compounded by his emotional dysregulation. He struggled with self-esteem despite his athletic talents and active social life. 


Strained family relationships

Frustrated high school student doing homeworkJake’s parents were beyond frustrated. No matter what they did, they couldn’t convince him to do his work. They were burnt out and struggling on an interpersonal level, as Jake’s frustration could show up as disrespectful and unkind behaviors. But it wasn’t just his parents that were frustrated. Jake felt micromanaged and resentful despite his family’s positive intentions. Jake and his parents were gridlocked. Their path forward would start with a third-party perspective.


Achieving academic success through trust & patience

Within Jake’s first month of academic coaching, his family noticed positive changes in his demeanor and school habits. He was self-managing and getting work done without constant supervision. And the family dynamic slowly improved. Realizing that Jake would graduate from high school and was gaining the skills to go on to college was a huge relief.


It wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Establishing a productive and authentic connection with Jake took diligence and patience, as he was initially resistant to the coaching process. I began by learning more about him. Gaining insight into his goals and complaints helped me understand his perspective and in turn, his emotional tendencies. This information was key to teaching Jake how to regulate his habit of getting angry and shutting down.


Establishing a deep trust helped me support Jake in tackling the issues that affected his ability to regulate his emotions and focus on academics even on bad days. Through attentiveness and communication around his emotional triggers, Jake found balance and worked through insecurities affecting his self-esteem. Through this internal work, Jake started to excel in academics—and in his family relationships. Jake went on to college, joined a fraternity and became a successful business student.

Michelle Raz Co-founder of Thrivister

M.Ed., BCC, CSS and Co-founder of Thrivister

As co-founder of Thrivister, my purpose and passion is to help young adults with executive function challenges to thrive: manage, organize and be successful in their academics, careers and life. My successful EFS Coaching Method and journey as an ADHD coach, career service specialist, author, blogger, podcaster and board-certified coach for over a decade, has laid the foundation for our platform.



We believe opportunities are plentiful for someone with executive function challenges when they have the support and resources behind them. It is our mission through Thrivister to help as many people as possible be successful academically and into their future careers and life.

Build a foundational understanding of ADHD to create an effective path forward.

Navigating ADHD as a Parent

Disclaimer We’re not healthcare professionals. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. It also should

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