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Academic Coaching

Getting Started with Academic Coaching

How Coaching Works

It's pretty Easy to start Academic, adhd or executive function coaching!



Students and parents start by connecting with us! Contact our Student Success Team by email or by phone and see if coaching is a good fit for you.

After you sign up, you and your parents will fill out our short but precise onboarding forms in order to select a group of coaches that match your personality and preferences. Then, you will pick the coach you like best!



This process is called the Student Jumpstart. You are only charged the $199 Onboarding Intake Fee once. Your payment at sign up with be your intake fee and a prorated coaching charge. You will receive a 6 day discount at sign up that allows time for onboarding. So please work with the enrollment team to get your onboarding done within that window.

The Student onboarding takes 15 minutes max and ensures that coaches can design a customized academic action plan to help students reach their goals.

Academic Coaching


Meet Your Coach

Once the Student Jumpstart is complete, you meet your coach in a live video coaching session on our private HIPAA Compliant App or on your computer, whatever is easiest.

We want coaches to make a personal connection with their students. Thrivister may be a virtual solution, but personalization, trust, and empathy make up our core values. Thrivister coaches invest thoughtful time and energy into supporting their students.


Virtual coaching is easier for students to buy into versus traditional in-person coaching. This is because the coach can meet students where they’re at, in the comfort of their homes.  Students attending coaching sessions at home feel less anxious and more willing to open up. It also makes screen sharing and assignment sharing easier when the student is on their personal computer.

Thrivister Coaches and Team

Step Three


Once a student completes the first session with their coach, also called the Jumpstart Call, they can dig into an action plan.

Coaches will guide students through the process of identifying their strengths, weaknesses, and goals in order to create an action plan. Each action plan is unique and tailored to the student. 


Next, coaches will help their students execute the plan by holding them accountable, helping them overcome roadblocks, and working alongside them to develop stronger executive function skills. 


This process isn’t magic and doesn’t happen overnight but with time and consistency, academic coaching will help students develop the skills and self-regulation they need to achieve long-term success on their own.


Depending on the student’s coaching plan, communication by live video session will vary from twice per week or four times per week. Private coach and student messaging take place between sessions to address questions, provide accountability check-ins and send resources.

Achieve success in school and life!



Students that struggle with executive function skills thrive when they have an accountability system in place.

That’s why, we measure results through monthly student snapshots, that are completed by students and their coaches and sent to parents when applicable. 


When applicable, parent involvement is easy.


Our HIPAA Compliant App and Website Coaching Portal will also show a record for To Do’s completed, assignments and planner entries logged to ensure engagement and success.

Academic Coaching



All information provided to Thrivister and Thrivister coaches is protected in our secure storage software and HIPAA-compliant App and Portal. We do not share student information outside of our organization. All information stored is used to provide effective coaching and measure progress.

*Parents can elect to receive monthly updates on student progress.
Thrivister Coach waving hi in a coaching session
FAQs - Thrivister Academic Coaches


Each plan is customized to fit our students

    – It’s our top priority to protect our students privacy
  • A PROVEN EXECUTIVE FUNCTION DEVELOPMENT PROCESS – Successfully used to coach hundreds of students (high school and college level since 2010)
  • RESULTS ARE TRACKED and measurable so students and parents can follow the progress that’s made
  • EASY ACCESS – The student portal, messaging, and coaching calls are accessible by phone or computer
  • RESOURCES AND TRAINING VIDEOS- Along with messaging and call support students also gain access to customized resources to learn study habits, focus exercises, and self-management strategies
  • COACHES THAT SPECIALIZE IN EXECUTIVE FUNCTION SKILL DEVELOPMENT in a Covid-19 world our students are lacking in accountability and hands-on guidance from people trained to help them effectively. Our coaches are credentialed life and academic coaches with specialized training in executive function skill development. Unlike tutors, Thrivister coaches know how to help students with weak executive function skills, develop better habits, strategies and focus to get back on track.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE Every student’s coaching plan is customized to meet their goals. ‘One size fits all’ DOES NOT WORK. That’s why coaches design an action plan around a student’s specific and unique abilities and challenges.

Not sure which coaching plan is best for you? Take our EFS quiz to find the perfect one