Getting Started with Academic Coaching

How It Works

It's pretty Easy to start coaching!



Students and parents start by picking the best plan for them! You can find the perfect plan by taking the EFS QUIZ HERE
After you sign up, you and your parents will fill out our short but precise on-boarding forms to match you with the right coach. This process is called the Student Launch.
The Student Launch takes 15 minutes max and ensures that coaches can design a customized academic action plan to help students reach their goals.


Meet Your Coach

Once the Student Launch is complete, the Thrivister team assigns each student with their coach based on student preferences, goals and needs.
We want coaches to make a personal connection with their students. Thrivister may be a virtual solution, but personalization, trust and empathy make up our core values. Thrivister coaches invest thoughtful time and energy into supporting their students.

Step Three


Once a student is assigned to their coach, the coach will reach out via our coaching platform and text to set up the first one-on-one Jumpstart call!

This is when coach and student will go over the Student Launch answers, gaining clarification and understanding for the unique needs of their student. The jumpstart call does not count as one of the students allotted coaching calls.

It’s time to start coaching

Create Accountability

Students that struggle with executive function skills thrive when they have an accountability system in place.

That’s why, after out jumpstart session, the coach and student collect curriculum materials and set up their academic planner together. This is when the coach and student map out the students’ assignments and break tasks, like studying and projects, into bite sized chunks that students can accomplish in stages.

Each planner is monitored by the student’s coach, helping them stay on track!

Stay on Track

Track Success

The coach will connect with students via HIPPA compliant video chat to tackle struggles, address new challenges and acknowledge progress. Depending on the student’s plan, this will be monthly, weekly or daily.
Between calls, the coach and student communicate via the Thrivister chat messaging portal or text to address questions, provide accountability check-ins and send resources.
Students will self-assess each month, with guidance from their coach, to ensure student progress and success are achieved. This is measure against the goals and milestones set between coach and student. This is also a time to make any relevant changes to student action plans and academic goals.
*Parents can elect to receive monthly updates on student progress.

How the COPE Method works for students

Identify WHERE to get your academic information and pull it together in one place with your coach. Analyze what is being asked/required of you. Discuss what support and resources you will need to get the work done. Do you need a tutor? Do you need accommodations such as extra time on a test? Is there a protocol your need to follow for your school to receive the supports. etc.
Take the information and organize it in the planner with your coach. Break the larger requirements down into chunkable steps and end goals. What needs to happen with each requirement? Prep and plan ahead for papers, tests, projects etc.
Now that you have all the information organized with the steps, resources and supports needed to be successful, you and your coach will prioritize what needs to happen in a sequential order. This step encompasses other life factors that may get in into the way of your successful and allow you and your coach to work around obligations or potential distractions.
What good is an organized & prioritized plan without it getting done? This is the most important part of the COPE method! Now it is time to take action. You and your coach will go through the steps to take for each goal. This verbal, kinesthetic and auditory process will help set you up for success. The methods and tactic for knowing if and when each goal is met is identified and put into place. There is a simple color-coding system you will use with built in check-ins and reminders via text with your coach throughout each week.

We Support Students in Goal Setting and Self-Management

Executive function skills like focus, time management, organization and emotional regulation, to name a few, help students plan and follow through on tasks. Without these skills life is a lot harder, and they could be missing out on opportunities and accomplishments that lead to great things!

Proven and Trusted Strategies Designed Specifically for Executive Function Skill Development

Our coaches provide personalized support utilizing the COPE Method. This method helps students learn to set and attain goals in school, life and their future careers. Whether the student is ADHD or simply having a hard time focusing and staying on track, our coaches are professionally trained to support them in the areas they need most.


Each plan is customized to fit our students

  • ALL PLANS ARE HIPAA COMPLIANT – It’s our top priority to protect our students privacy
  • A PROVEN EXECUTIVE FUNCTION DEVELOPMENT PROCESS – Successfully used to coach hundreds of students (high school and college level since 2010)
  • RESULTS ARE TRACKED and measurable so students and parents can follow the progress that’s made
  • EASY ACCESS the student portal, messaging, and coaching calls are accessible by phone or computer
  • RESOURCES AND TRAINING VIDEOS Along with messaging and call support students also gain access to customized resources to learn study habits, focus exercises, and self-management strategies
  • COACHES THAT SPECIALIZE IN EXECUTIVE FUNCTION SKILL DEVELOPMENT in a Covid-19 world our students are lacking in accountability and hands on guidance from people trained to help them effectively. Our coaches are credentialed life and academic coaches with specialized training in executive function skill development. Unlike tutors, Thrivister coaches know how to help students with weak executive function skills, develop better habits, strategies and focus to get back on track.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE Every students coaching plan is customized to meet their goals. One size fits all DOES NOT WORK with students struggling with executive function weaknesses, that’s why coaches design an action plan around a students specific and unique abilities and challenges

Not sure which coaching plan is best for you? Take our EFS quiz to find the perfect one

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