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Develop your Executive Function Skills To Increase Academic Performance with a Coach!

School can often be confusing or overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. You have the ability to perform at a higher level, you just need support! 

Succeed Plan Results

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Do you want to learn more about your results? A Thrivister Program Director can help you work through the challenges you or your student is facing and help you decide if coaching can help them get back on track in school and life!

Here are three skills you struggle with and tactics to improve them

A coach can help you develop these skills

Academic Succeed Plan Results

Planning & prioritizing

The ability to create a roadmap to reach a goal or to complete a task. It also involves being able to make decisions about what’s important to focus on and what’s not important.

Focus and attention

The capacity to maintain attention to a situation or task in spite of distractibility, fatigue, or boredom.

Task Completion

The ability to complete the tasks you set out to do.

Time management

The capacity to estimate how much time one has, how to allocate it, and how to stay within time limits and deadlines. It also involves a sense that time is important.

Working memory

The ability to hold information in your memory while performing tasks. You use it to draw on past learning or experience so you can apply it to the situation at hand or a project into the future.


The ability to create and maintain systems to keep track of information or materials.

Task Initiation

The ability to begin projects without undue procrastination, in an efficient or timely fashion.

Emotional Regulation

The ability to manage emotions in order to achieve goals, complete tasks, or control and direct behavior.

Start Improving Right Away

Try these quick tactics for working on your three weakest  executive function skills

A coach is the best way to stay accountable when improving these skills but knowing where to start and a few things you can work on now empowers you to start now!

Planning & prioritizing

Focus and attention
Task Completion
Time management
Working memory
Task Initiation
Emotional Regulation

The Connection Between Strong Executive Functioning and Academic Performance

Executive function is a set of mental skills that include working memory, task Initiation, time-management, planning and prioritizing, task completion, organization, follow-through, attention and emotional regulation. All of these skills are necessary to study, follow directions, plan ahead and comprehend and retain new information. Without strong EFS we’re unable to learn and work efficiently.

Work with a Academic Coach

Accountability is key!

We all have the best intentions when working towards healthier and more effective habits but being able to stick to new routines can be very difficult, especially if you struggle with the symptoms of ADHD. Having a coach guide you through those times when you stumble or veer off track can be the key to continued progress.

Get help creating an action plan and sticking to it!

Accountability is key!
Michelle Raz Co-founder of Thrivister

Expert coaches that are proven professionals

Thrivister coaches are not college students, tutors or outsourced employees in a completely opposite timezone. They are trained and credentialed coaches, that specialize in executive function coaching and ADHD.


Our method is standardized and proven over 13 years of application. We use executive function skill coaching in correlation with academic coaching to get the best results.

Avoiding the bigger costs of ADHD symptoms

Executive function coaching cuts down on financial and emotional costs because executive function skills are the foundation of learning. Getting and staying organized, managing time, or self-regulation, following instructions and planning are essential for success in school. Without this foundation students retake classes, have to get multiple tutors and even drop out of school because they shut down or use avoidance to cope.


When a student develops their executive function skills it pays dividends in their emotional regulation, their confidence, their academic performance and their life. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight but the strides students can make will stick with them their entire lives.

Help your student develop their executive function skills so they can reach their full potential.

Thrivister Coach waving hi in a coaching session

Academic Coaching Is The Perfect Step For You or Your Student!

Create A Plan. Stick To It. Get Back On track

We use executive function skills every day to learn, work, and manage daily life. Develop habits and strategies to focus in school, cope with anxiety and overwhelm, and achieve and organize tasks and goals, among other things.


Click “Connect With A Coach” to talk with one of our Academic Success Coaches and learn more about getting your own Academic Coach so you can reach your goals this school year. 

Practice Accountability

We're here to support you and teach you better habits, not shame you for going off track. Accountability helps you stick to the plan so you can achieve your goals!

Learn to Self-Manage

Self discipline can be hard to practice, especially when you struggle with executive function. That's why working with the Thrivister Executive Function Coaches can help you learn to manage your productivity and focus more effectively.

Academic Succeed Plan Results

Create New Habits

Struggling with positive habits is common when you struggle with executive function. However, with the right practices and coaching you can't create new and better habits that stick for life!

Succeed in school

We use executive function skills in school, in life and in our future careers. That's why working on them now will give you the tools to achieve endless successes throughout your entire life!

Succeed Plan Results

The Difference Between Coaching And Tutoring

Academic Coaching helps you stay on track towards your goals. Learn how to stay organized,  focused, and in control of your academics.

Students often need tutors when they’ve fallen so far behind that they can’t catch up. An Executive Function Coach helps you develop better habits and skills so you can stop falling behind in the first place.



Your coach will help you develop healthy habits so you can grow to self-manage and stay on track. This is accomplished by establishing habit-building routines, coping strategies, and customizable accountability plans.

Click “Connect With A Coach” to talk with our team and discover if coaching is the right fit for you or your student!