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Jeanette D- ADHD and Executive Function Coach


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ADHD and Executive Function Coach

Fueled by her obsession with intentional parenting and teaching, Jeanette’s goal with students is progress–not perfection.  She helps students realize small changes lead to big results.  Jeanette’s students learn their own inner weath and confidence through tangible evidence.  Accountability and incremental improvements will pave new pathways of empowerment and self-awareness.  


In her free time, Jeanette loves spending time with her husband, son, and Pepper–the Italian Mastiff.  Pepper is bigger than she is!  Together, they enjoy live music, movies, and all sports.  Jeanette is a competition cheerleading coach and lover of the Hallmark Channel.  If not with her family, you can bet she is on the tennis court! 


“Our society tends to focus on what’s going wrong. I love extracting each students’ gifts and ‘the good stuff’ without overhelping. Focusing on what is going right allows academic walls fall and promotes true learning.  Adopting a fail-forward mantra shifts failure and being ‘stuck’ into a growth mindset.  We’ll use resets, reflection, and planning to create success and peace in the classroom and beyond! 

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