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Kathleen B.

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ADHD and Executive Function Coach

Kathleen’s passion for sharing innovative ideas can be traced back to her pre-professional days. Whether as a member of the basketball team or as a classroom teacher, she has been on a path to sharing what she has learned from the start. The reason? She gets excited about learning new ways of doing things and wants to share that excitement with others. Thrivister was a natural next step in her journey to continue to learn new things and share those ideas with others. 


As a teacher for over two decades Kathleen has seen many students struggle to keep up with the rigor of academic life and maintain a healthy balance of “the fun stuff.” In thinking back to her own struggles as a student she began to understand that she was in control of her own success, she just needed someone to help her gain that control. Through her own experience, she recognizes that gaining control and creating balance is easier said than done but it is possible! She is patient, understanding, and has a positive mindset. 


Kathleen lives in the northeast with her husband and son. She describes her home as a petting zoo because of the goats, ducks, and chickens that live in the backyard. Only the dog gets to sleep in the house. During hockey season she can often be found bundled up at the ice rink watching one of her son’s games. Although, she much prefers the warm, sunny days of summer with sand beneath her feet!

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