Executive Function and ADHD Coaching for High School and College

Helping students develop their Executive Function Skills so they can stay on track, be more independent and achieve their goals in school!

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By coaching them to develop skills like time management, organization, focus and attention, emotional regulation, working memory, task initiation, task completion and more

Overcoming Overwhelm

ADHD can make emotional regulation hard. When overwhelm sets in, students will work on strategies to help manage it.


Instead of trying to do everything at once, students will learn to work on one task at a time by order of importance.

Sticking to the Plan

Coaches will help students create an action plan to achieve their goals and hold them accountable.

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Katy F.

Michelle H.

Brian R.

A true believer in an individualized approach to academics, Katy has 15 years of experience, including admissions counseling and student & career services. She is currently working on her master’s—meaning she’s a student right there with you! An adaptable and calm coach, Katy is passionate about helping students overcome the academic, behavioral and social challenges that are getting in the way of their success. Having overcome her own significant personal obstacles, she is driven and inspired to support students that are struggling.

Hello! My name is Michelle. I am a nature lover, enjoy all sports and theatre, and I love time with my friends, family and pets. I have a Bachelor of Science and have been working in higher education guiding students through the academic challenges and requirements to graduate. I am also the parent of five kids, all with ADHD and other executive functioning issues. I am passionate about seeing people reach their potential and I want to help you reach yours!

With a master’s degree in curriculum & instruction and six years of teaching experience, Brian has mentored many high school and college students to manage their classes and graduate successfully. A positive and patient coach, Brian is also certified to teach English as a second language.

“Everyone tells you that education is so valuable and that you have to work hard to be successful. They aren’t wrong but hard work is, well, HARD. It’s stressful, tiring, and sometimes not very interesting. That’s why I’m here to coach you through the ups and downs.”

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ADHD doesn’t have to limit student potential. Click "CONNECT WITH A COACH" to message our coaching team and see if Executive Function Coaching is right for you or your student.


"She has not only been a lifesaver to me in this hard time; she has also been a blessing to my parents, who have had to struggle alongside me."

“My junior year has been the hardest time I have had to endure both emotionally and academically. I wouldn’t have been able to be organized enough to make the hard decisions I have had to make the last few months without the help of my wonderful ADHD Coach. She has not only been a lifesaver to me in this hard time; she has also been a blessing to my parents, who have had to struggle alongside me. I cannot even begin to express the amount of gratitude I have for her helping me thrive in a time period I would have previously thought impossible.”

- Mandy High School Student in Texas

"That's when I found my coach, and boy am I glad I did! With her help I got back on track with new organizing strategies that worked great"

“A few years into college I was on the verge of failing out. I struggled on my own but I couldn’t figure out what else I needed! That’s when I found my coach, and boy am I glad I did! With her help I got back on track with new organizing strategies that worked great with the quarter system and my unusual schedule as an art major!”

-Hannah, College Student in California

"This semester I have all A's and it is the first time I have actually felt in control of my academics, all due to the organization and support that my coach has provided me."

“This is my fourth semester in college, and in two of them I have had to drop at least three classes. This semester I have all A’s and it is the first time I have actually felt in control of my academics, all due to the organization and support that my coach has provided me.”

- Max, College Student in Colorado

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Before signing up it's best for students and parents to connect with our coaching success team and decide if Executive Function coaching is the right fit.

Step 3

Get Matched

Once students sign up our team provides them with a selection of coaches based on preferences, experience, and personality. We empower students to choose the coach from that selection that resonates most with them.

Step 4

Get on track in school

Once students begin coaching, they start by building a connection and accountability system with their coach. Coaches will guide them through the process of creating an action plan that helps them reach their academic goals.

Getting Caught Up

Coaches will help students break their work into bite-sized chunks that they're able to tackle piece by piece so they don't procrastinate and fall further behind.

Earning Better Grades

By developing better habits and self-management strategies with their coaches, students will improve their overall performance in school and life.

Getting Organized

Coaches will help students develop better organizational habits that students can stick to and become more self-sufficient.

Every Thrivister Coach has a foundation in psychology, education or both. Their different experiences and expertise ensure a match for the unique needs of every student. They're trained under our Executive Functioning protocol and carry additional certifications in things like:

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Frequently Asked Questions

2. Do you take insurance?

Thrivister Academic coaching can qualify under HSA. Ask your provider for details.

3. What ages do you work with?

Students in High School and College

4. How long do I need a coach for?

There’s typically a critical time at the start of coaching, around 3 to 5 months, to get back on track. Many students find that they really like the support and accountability. Over time, students increase their skills. Therefore, they can choose a lighter coaching program as they improve.

5. What if I don't like my coach?

Your coach choices are selected based on your personality, goals, and struggles. Once your coach options are selected, you get to choose the coach that you like best.

Once you choose your coach, you can get started. If for any reason you wanted to change your coach, you can.

1. What is the difference between academic coaching and tutoring?

Unlike a tutor, an academic coach works with students to build habits and routines that they can use in all of their classes and throughout their entire academic careers (and beyond!). 

Coaching is about how students learn, not just what they learn. Tutoring is about the depth of a subject, while academic coaching sets the stage for the breadth of learning through strengthening executive functioning skills.

6. Are there studies or proof that executive function coaching works?

Yes, other than the 100's of students we have seen succeed with the support of coaching, there have also been studies that confirm its success. 

Here is one very notable point from the following study: Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability,  26(1), 67 - 81 67 Assessing the Impact of  ADHD Coaching Services on University Students’  Learning Skills, Self-Regulation, and Well-Being Sharon Field David R. Parker Shlomo Sawilowsky Laura Rolands Wayne State University

• A majority of students noted that coaching had helped them manage their time and tasks more efficiently and that it had resulted in more positive self-talk.  They stated that the improved self-talk led to better management of time and tasks, more effective problem solving, and the lessening of self-doubts and worries. They noted improved executive functioning skills, especially their self-regulation, including organizational and time management skills.

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