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Mason A- ADHD and Executive Function Coach

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ADHD and Executive Function Coach

Mason  comes from a big family, in fact he has 9 younger sisters! He has experience with mentoring young people who grew up in tough environments and urban areas. The professional training he has received has served him well in helping young people reach their full potential. 


Outside of work, Mason is a huge music fan! From listening to music, recording his own songs and doing music production.. Mason is really into music. He also loves loves sports! From playing basketball, football and volleyball to watching the NBA, NFL and Tennis. If you are an active person, you will get along with Mason really well. He’s very engaged in hiking, mountain climbing, and exploring nature. 



In addition to music, outdoor activities and athletics… Mason enjoys playing video games, once he even tried to design his own video game! Video games such as NBA2K, Rocket League & Brawlhalla are some of his interests. In short, Mason is somewhat of a nerd. From being a Star Wars fan, to enjoying anime and being an active supporter of art/poetry/photography… Mason has a diverse interest! 



As a Thrivister coach, my aim is to help students with creative minds reach their full potential. Using our COPE Method, I will collaborate with you to overcome challenges and goals you set out to make. Lastly, I hope you choose me to work with you on your academic journey!

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