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Music and ADHD

Music for every VIBE

Pick your playlist below

Classical Brain Fuel

Classical flows that will have you tapped into your creative self.

Chill LoFi Vibes

Feel good LoFi beats that will keep your focus on point. 


Isochronic sounds for when you need your brain to take a break and relax.

Jazz Study Flow

Jazzy tunes that will keep you awake and focused. 

Hum Alongs for Studying

Instrumental covers of songs you know and love!


Get your brainwaves energized. Headphones are a must!

Get it

High-energy music for when it is time to motivate and do the stuff you don’t want to do! 

Music is a great tool that can help anyone, but it is especially helpful if you have ADHD!

Music Helps You Get Things Done

Get focused. Get motivated. Energize. Unwind.

Improves motivation

Can change your mindframe and give you a burst of energy

Helps with structure and organization

Helps break down a task into smaller, more manageable chunks

Improve your focus

Drown out distractions and calm the brain

Cut down on boredom

Helps lessen boredom and improve your overall mood

Improves memorization & recall

Helps brain with recall and mental alertness

Lowers stress level

 Regulates emotions and makes people feel relaxed