Thrivister Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching Student Success

Parent Expectations

Thrivister Parent Expectations Agreement

  • Complete onboarding forms
  • If your student has a 504-accommodation plan or other pertinent testing results to share with the coach, have your student upload that through their private portal once coaching has begun.
  • We ask the parents to respect the relationship between the student client and the coach.  It is important to build trust with the coach in order for the client to develop self-management and self-advocacy skills.  Our goal is to help your student become independent, confident and accountable. 
  • Although the coaching relationship is strictly between the student and coach, there are circumstances when parents and students want to share information.   Please complete the HIPAA Authorization form to allow for updates between the coach and parent. 
  • If your student comes to you with a coaching issue, please encourage them to reach out to the coach first through email or text.   We will ask if this has been done if we receive a complaint directly from the student or parent prior to investigating.

Expectations of Your Student

Show up on time

Be prepared and focused

Be courteous and cancel sessions at least 24hrs in advance

Respond to coach check-ins or emails

Update and maintain their planner

Make every attempt to complete the assignments 

Be honest with your coach