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Quenten Cipra

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ADHD and Executive Function Coach

Hello, my name is Quenten and I love longboarding, surfing, swimming and I have even surfed a 15ft wave at one of the most popular surf spots in the world!  I love all sports and they have been a huge part of my life. My favorite sport to watch is football. I am a diehard Browns fan and do my best to watch every game. My favorite to play is ultimate frisbee. I have played just about every sport, but soccer, and it still haunts me to this day. My passion will always be swimming. It has opened up doors that I would have never even imagined.  I also love spending time with my cat, Nairobi! 


After graduating from college, I enlisted in the United States Navy and was stationed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, serving as an Information Technician (IT).  I completed BUDS/SEAL Training and I lead my division in the military on multiple operations and have trained sailors who have become high ranking officials on multiple ships.  I have lived in 7 states in the past 4 years!


I understand dealing with ADHD and I struggled with it every day. One second, I was trying to study, then I’m looking at YouTube videos on how to study better. It’s a conundrum that I have learned to deal with, and want to help others not fall into the same cycle.  I love it when you get those wins and you weren’t even expecting it.  I think it’s important to know, no mistake is too big to come back from.  If you want someone who is relatable, understanding, and motivational, then I am the perfect coach for you! 

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