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Thrivister Academic Coaching

Get Back On Track and Succeed in School

ADHD, Executive Function and Academic Coaching for High School and College Students.

Academic, ADHD and Executive Function Coaching for High School and College Students

Develop Executive Function Skills

Are you feeling stuck in school?

We help students get unstuck and back on track through specialized academic coaching! Develop your executive function skills and achieve success in school!

We help students get unstuck and back on track through specialized academic coaching! Develop your executive function skills and achieve success in school!

Do you or your student struggle with...

Thrivister Academic Coaching



Poor Grades

Lack of Motivation



getting Poor Grades

Lack of Motivation

Overwhelm and Anxiety

Finishing what you start

Get Work Done!

Go from overwhelmed, stuck and out of control to confident in yourself and your unique abilities to succeed.

With Academic Coaching You Can Improve...

  • and more…
Our coaching and support program will help you improve these executive function skills so you can get back on track in school.

Strong Executive Function Skills Lead to Higher Academic Performance

How they work...

We all use executive function skills to set and work towards goals. We need them to plan, prioritize, remember things, manage time and possessions, and finish what we start. Wondering what your EFS weaknesses are? Take the short and easy EFS Quiz below to find out.

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Here's What Some Students & Parents Had to Say...

College Student Academic Coaching

– Max, College Student

“This is my fourth semester in college, and in two of them I have had to drop at least three classes. This semester I have all A’s and it is the first time I have actually felt in control of my academics, all due to the organization and support that Michelle has provided me.”

Helping Collage students with academic success

– Barb, High School Student (Parent)

“We began using academic coaching support at the start of the 2013/2014 school year. Since starting, our son has come a long way. He is now beginning to trust in the system, get organized, taking some pride in his work and is even talking about his future in university! He has a long road ahead of him and hopefully he will take some of this past years coaching experiences with him. We are truly grateful our son had a coach on his side who was cheering him from the sidelines!”

College Student Academic Coaching

– Fiona, College Student

“..I truly cannot imagine where I would be without my coaches help and guidance throughout these difficult semesters and transitions. While I was so worried about being able to succeed in my chosen field, she has helped me look to the future career and to structure my time to become much more organized, and I cannot thank her enough for her continuous support….

I've always struggled with procrastination, organization and a lot of time management. I would always get really overwhelmed... With coaching, I was able to put an action plan into place to get into my dream school. Which I've officially gotten my acceptance letter for and I'm really excited!"

Kristina - High School Senior

College Student Academic Coach
Academic, ADHD and Executive Function Coaching practice

We Understand

Our Founders Struggled too

Thrivister was founded by parents and coaches who understand the pain of watching their kids struggle with executive functioning weaknesses firsthand. It’s heart wrenching to watch your child shut down from overwhelm, mental chaos and repeated failure.  

We created Thrivister after years of running a local and successful Academic, ADHD, and executive function coaching practice. It all started in desperation to help our kids. We sought the education, certifications, degrees, research, mentorships, specialties, and more to create an effective coaching program that works and makes a difference more importantly. 

Now, our team has coached hundreds of students resulting in countless success stories.

Every kid deserves to feel heard, understood and supported! Our mission at Thrivister is to reach as many students as we can so that more young people can realize their potential and accomplish their goals.

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Don't allow weak executive function skills to continue sabotaging your success in school! Thrivister can help you get back on track!