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Succeed Plan

$495/ month
+ $99 One-time Onboarding Intake

Intensive Plan

$795/ month
+ $99 One-time Onboarding Intake

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Progress is Guaranteed


If you engage as instructed for 90 days without progress or success* we will enroll you with a new coach and provide 2 weeks of complimentary coaching. If you’re still not seeing improvement, we will refund your investment.


Ask our Enrollment Coordinator to walk you through the Thrivister Student Transformation Timeline, a 90-day projection that makes expectations clear and easy to track.



Every student gets a custom action plan when they start coaching. This makes expectations and goals easy to track and understand from the beginning

  • A PROVEN EXECUTIVE FUNCTION DEVELOPMENT PROCESS – Successfully used to coach hundreds of students (high school and college level since 2010)
  • RESULTS ARE TRACKED and measurable so students and parents can follow the progress that’s made
  • PERSONALIZATION AND EMPATHY We know that success isn’t possible when the coach and student don’t establish trust and understanding. That’s why Thrivister coaches are trained and eager to make a genuine connection with their students. That way they can guide and support them towards accomplishing their goals more effectively.
  • RESOURCES AND TRAINING Along with messaging and live session support students also gain access to customized resources and gamified training to learn better study habits, focus exercises, and self-regulation strategies.
  • COACHES THAT SPECIALIZE IN EXECUTIVE FUNCTION SKILL DEVELOPMENT in a post-Covid-19 world our students are lacking in accountability and hands on guidance from people trained to help them effectively. Our coaches are credentialed coaches with a foundation in psychology, education, and life coaching. The also hold specializations in behavior modification, ADHD, learning differences and counseling. 
  • CUSTOMIZABLE Every students coaching plan is customized to meet their goals. One size fits all DOES NOT WORK with students struggling with executive function challenges

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