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Cameron C- Student Profile

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More About Cameron C.

ADHD and Executive Function Coach

Hi!  I’m Cameron!  I would love for you to consider me to work alongside you as a coach. The journey through education can be like a roller coaster but the rewards that await you are life altering!  I live in Montana. The outdoor adventure capital of the US and my passion is fly-fishing but I like to do anything outdoors!  I have also restored 3 old school, muscle cars and am a classically trained chef in french cuisine.  I also enjoy video games on occasion and play Warcraft, C.O.D. and God of War, Hero Wars. I recently completed my Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. It was challenging and took me 2 years to finish!


I am the son of school teachers. Having all of your teachers know your parents is not the greatest scenario!  Prior to becoming a school teacher…my father used to race stock cars (known today as NASCAR).  My brother and I grew up in the garage and in the pits at the track. I wanted to be a mechanic but that never worked out.   I was an athlete in high school and college and competed in Football, Baseball and Track. I love all sports! 


As I have aged, I have been able to reflect on growing up and can recognize that as a student, I have had some of the same challenges, though I was never tested/ diagnosed at the time. Some of my academic struggles were the same.  Education has always been challenging for me. Staying focused on a task was probably the biggest challenge. It took me a long time to have the courage to ask for help. Once I did, I was so relieved and wished I would have done it much sooner. Every student has the capacity to impact the world in amazing ways and there is nothing better than having the opportunity to be a part of that with you!

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