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ADHD and Executive Function Coach

Hey! I’m Kaci Rae.  I always like to see the best in people, and to help people celebrate their accomplishments and achieving their goals. As a coach, you will find me to be positive, goal-oriented, and encouraging, as well as real and honest.  I like dancing, playing softball, swimming, camping, hiking, rockhounding (hunting for rocks and gems), mushroom foraging, gardening,, teaching others about plants and insects, writing poetry and creative non-fiction, and reading anything that interests me and expands my world!  I also play the ukulele!  I love creating things with my hands and trying out new crafts. Currently, I am learning how to press flowers and tumble rocks in my rock tumbler.

I was an active athlete and played waterpolo, did swim team, played softball, and did track (where I threw javelin). In college, I continued to throw javelin on the track and field team and played softball. I did try long-distance running too, but quickly found out (after running two blocks) that running is just not my sport!

I understand academic struggles and I had trouble with public speaking, both the act of doing it and having the confidence to share my thoughts and opinions. I had a speech-impediment which led me to have a lot of social struggles in and out of school as as teen and young adult. I was able to overcome this struggle by committing myself to practicing public speaking, and by putting myself into situations that challenged me to speak up on my opinions. I also have experience working with many students who face mental health concerns in addition to learning challenges, including students who experience debilitating anxiety and PTSD.  I am committed to helping the students I work with feel empowered to create the changes they want to see in the world, and to know themselves and be curious as the first step in that process.

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