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ADHD and Executive Function Coach

Hi, I’m Kendall! I love to celebrate your wins and be there for you when things get tough. I also have ADHD, so I understand the value a coach can bring to academic life, which is why I love what I do. I’m a big movie and TV fan! On the weekends, you can find me performing on stage or directing a play. I’ve worked with the Director of ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ and he told me what it was like working with Heath Ledger (The Joker). When I’m not immersed in the world of film and theater, you’ll find me hanging out with my pets. 


I have two big orange cats called Beavis and Hendrix. I’ve taught my dog how to “talk” and now he presses buttons to tell me what he wants. I used to work at a veterinary hospital, so I know a thing or two about animal care. I’m a decent poker player and I was the captain of my high school debate team. My background is a mix of Hispanic, Mexican, Polish, and Swedish cultures. While my grandparents speak Spanish, they only taught me the bad words (oops!). One unique skill I possess is fire dancing. I have professional training and can spin fire poi and breathe fire like a dragon. When it comes to music, I enjoy listening to all kinds of genres: classic rock, R&B, emo music, 90s, 80s, new wave, lo-fi, artists like Frank Ocean, and so much more. 


If you are looking for a coach who understands what it’s like to have ADHD, who can relate to your struggles and successes, and who can help you unleash your full potential, then look no further. You’ve found me! I will listen to you without judgment, honor your strengths, and challenge you to grow. During our coaching sessions, you can expect me to show up as my 100% authentic self. I’m a little goofy and love to laugh, and sometimes you might even hear me bust out a British accent (consider yourself warned!). I can’t wait to start our journey together. You are amazing, and you deserve to shine!

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