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ADHD and Executive Function Coach

Hi I’m Keshia!  I love working with students and learning from them what works for them and what doesn’t to find their success.  Some things about me – I feel like I am a walking oxymoron as I ride dirt bikes but LOVE pretty high heeled shoes!  I ride a Honda 150f. Other interests include snowshoeing, fishing, hunting, hiking and gardening.  My newest hobby is homesteading, we have 6 chickens and 2 ducks on our property as well as a garden.  I also love watching my kids’ sports which are soccer, football, basketball, and my son is trying track this year.



I was a cheerleader in middle and high school, I also played many years of softball from childhood into adulthood.  My father is a retired and now un-retired Police Officer; he gets too bored with retirement and has gone back to the field to help solve cold cases.



I enjoy meeting and working with students from all walks of life, and learn things that I may not know about or have experience in. Everyone has their own uniqueness to draw from and I love finding out what makes each person tick and bringing that into my coaching.  Mental health is very important to me and an area that I truly love to research and feel is very important.  I was a school counselor for 10 years, a position I loved!  My husband and son are both diagnosed with ADHD, I have the unique perspective from my husband about being an adult with ADHD, and he is able to articulate struggles for my son when he can’t.


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