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Hi!  My name is Kristen.  Being outdoors hiking and running is definitely my happy place!  I am a morning person, eat ice cream everyday, and live for the summer!  So, in the summertime my family and I try to get outside together as much as we can. (And sometimes that means driving my son to his favorite mountain bike trail and trying to stay alive while he leads me along!) I would much rather spend a rainy afternoon playing board games with my family than watching a movie. 


I played volleyball in high school and coached middle school volleyball for four years.  I also played softball.  I became a recreational runner in college and enjoy training for marathons and half marathons.  I was also a member of the National Honor Society and editor-in-chief of the yearbook.  In the evenings and weekends, I worked a lot at a local deli counter and small restaurant.  We made the BEST breakfast pizza!  


As someone who tends to “see the glass half full,” I will always be there to support and encourage you.  I am ready to dig in and help you find the strategies that work for you.  You have goals, and I will do all I can to support you in reaching those goals!  I love learning about what my students are interested in and helping them discover their strengths.  Building on these interests and strengths, I provide them with tools and strategies to overcome their challenges.  And, since no two students are the same, each student’s toolbox is filled with individualized tools!

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