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Hi!  My name is Lynda and I love being outside, walking my dogs, and can lose time in anything artistic – Painting pottery, knitting, and making wreaths & floral arrangements.  I garden like no one’s business ( my family says it’s excessive…lol)!  I also love animals, especially dogs and horses.  I have bred American Eskimos & Golden Retrievers.  I have also bred horses and had 7! I used to be a team penner and loved this.  I am passionate about Health nutrition & fitness and love teaching others about this. 


When I was younger I played every sport that was offered.  Basketball- Forward, Softball- all-city pitcher, tennis, and swam on a team 1 summer… but hated the early morning practices…sound familiar?  I traveled with a nationally competitive 200+ member marching band where I became a drum major my Sr. year of high school.  I was also a serious competitive runner until I was kicked by a horse. I know more about muscle cars & motors than I want to know.  My grandfather owned a dealership in a small northern Iowa town… and I watched him growing up… then helped my brother when he raced his Roadrunner & Charge back in HS drag strip night at the raceway.


I’m compassionate, flexible, empathetic and great at supporting organization and planning.  I also understand it is about finding what works for each person as I am diagnosed with Hyperactive ADHD and dyslexia.  All my children have also experienced some ADHD challenge, mainly inattentive.  My youngest helped me to discover the exciting possibilities of increasing executive function skills to help ease the stress of ADHD challenges.  I also discovered my children accepted skills training easier from a professional coach than from mom. This would be one of my greatest reasons for choosing to become an academic coach. I saw a void in support and how I could use my knowledge of EF skills to assist others with similar challenges. This is exciting to me.

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