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ADHD and Executive Function Coach

Hi!  I’m Michelle! I enjoy laughing, encouraging, and a positive approach to finding ways that will work for you.  I also love being outside hiking, gardening, and my campfire as often as I can!  I have been volunteering with a JUCO football team to academically advise a group of post high school players. We breed basset hounds and I have sold three puppies to Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman). My dogs are on her cooking show regularly, in her magazine, and featured on all of her products at Walmart. 🙂 And I love old muscle cars!


When I was younger, I raced dirt bikes and owned a motorcycle all through college and up until I got married!   I also played chess and competed at the National level 3 times.  I have five children, 2 bio and 3 adopted. 2 are from Africa (Congo) with extreme emotional health and executive function issues. My last job was at a university. My title was long and stupid, and at most campuses my title would have been Assistant Registrar. 🙂 I graduated everyone on campus by making sure they were on track and evaluating each student. I advised those who were not on track on what they could do. I also helped students change majors, register, and organized the entire graduation process – so I understand how stressful all of this can be, especially having ADHD myself!  

I enjoy helping people find their unique way to succeed. Even if you find yourself in a very difficult situation, you will not find judgment, only support and guidance to a better spot. ADHD and executive function skills has affected me very personally –  I was undiagnosed ADHD when I was younger and remember wondering why I did not seem to live up to students around me.   My favorite thing in the world is to pull a smile out of someone who is really struggling and helping people find their unique way to succeed.

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