Thrivister Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching Student Success

Parent Expectations

Thrivister Parent Expectations Agreement

  • Complete onboarding forms
  • If your student has a 504 accommodation plan or other pertinent testing results to share with the mentor, please email that to our Enrollment Coordinator before your student’s first session.
  • Your student’s mentor will keep you informed regarding engagement, follow through of the action plan, and grades every week following each session
  • Our Primary Accountability Mentor Program (PAM) utilizes screen sharing to pinpoint assignments, establish a weekly action plan, and monitor students’ progress toward completing their set tasks for the week. PAM is not designed to directly address or enhance underdeveloped executive function skills via targeted strategies or coaching tools, its emphasis is on fostering organization and planning. This helps students remain structured and accountable to their objectives. Over time, consistent participation in our PAM Program can indirectly lead to the improvement of unproductive habits and behaviors.
  • If your student comes to you with a program issue, please encourage them to reach out to the mentor first through email or text.  We are always here to help however we can.

Expectations of Your Student

  • Show up on time
  • Be prepared and focused
  • Willingly share their screen and all school work details
  • Be courteous and cancel sessions at least 24 hours in advance
  • Respond to mentor check-ins
  • Respond to Thrivister’s calls, emails, and text messages
  • Maintain the planner system they put in place with their Mentor
  • Make every attempt to complete their weekly action plans